Bible Study Group 1


The book of Judges in the Old Testament covers the history of Israel between the death of Joshua and the appearance of Samuel (approximately 1220-1050 B.C.). For Israel this was a time without a formal government. The people were supposed to look to God for leadership but when they failed to do so they were doomed to a continuing cycle of disobedience, suffering, cries for help and deliverance.

Come join our weekly Sunday Study

9:00 – 10:15 a.m. – 1st Classroom in the Office Building

Together we will learn of God’s great love and mercy continually offered to His people who do not deserve or appreciate it. We will learn from the mistakes of others. Perhaps we will be able to break cycles of dysfunction which persist in our own life. Most of all, the study of Judges should help us to hand over the control of our life to God.

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